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The island of Tiree is the most westerly of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The low-lying island Tiriodh, in Gaelic, translates to ‘Land of Corn’, or possibly ‘Tir-I’, the land or granary of Iona.


Historically, the economy of Tiree had been based on the production of grain since ancient times. Renowned for fertile and easily worked soil and long growing seasons, the island was unique in the Hebrides.


Tiree was also famous for the production of whisky and, at one time, supplied a number of the neighbouring islands.


TIREE WHISKY COMPANY LTD was established in 2012 to preserve and promote the island’s whisky heritage and to revive distilling on the island. Much has changed in Tiree since the last legal still was extinguished in the 1800s but the techniques and processes used in the production of the spirit have changed little.


Our FIRST RELEASE has been handcrafted by mashing unpeated malted barley in a small oak mash tun, distilled over direct flame in small copper pot stills and matured less than 100 metres from the North Atlantic Ocean in specially selected American Oak ex-Bourbon barrels as well as our first cask, a 50L Virgin Oak cask, before spending a further two years in first-fill Oloroso Sherry casks from Spain’s finest producers. The result is the first expression of Tiree Whisky in over 200 years.


We, at the Isle of Tiree Distillery, hope to ensure no further years pass without casks being laid down; that islanders and others can enjoy, today and long into the future, a spirit once lovingly crafted by their ancestors.




Alain Campbell & Ian Smith,

Founders, Tiree Whisky Company Ltd



Batch Run: TBC. There will be no more than 1000 bottles of this release available (there was a total of 316.36LA maturing for this release when last regauged in February 2023).

70cl | ABV tbc

All pre-orders will be sent a digital Certificate of Purchase.
This can be emailed or printed to give to a recipient if the purchase is intended as a gift.

Heaven Hill Bourbon Quarter Casks (92%)
Virgin Oak (8%)


Aged for a further 2 years in:

 Oloroso Sherry Hogsheads 

2 x 300L Wash Stills

300L Spirit Still



2 x 800L Stainless Steel


500L Oak


Barrapol Machair

Pinnacle MG+

West Hynish, Isle of Tiree (less than 100 metres from the shore)

Tasting Notes (from Caroline Dewar's Whisky Ambassador Blog):

New Make (supplied at 40.6% abv)


Nose: Water biscuits and cheese! Honestly, that was the first aroma. There‘s some fruit but more savoury at first with the noticeable grain notes of a fresh spirit. There is some spice, certainly ginger and a slightly spicy floral. Some sweet spices too. A slightly sweaty note. With water, there‘s soft candy and icing sugar then the spice/ginger come through again.


Palate: A slightly unctuous mouthfeel but with an attractive lightness. Spices and, oddly, a slight wood note.

I‘ll look forward to this one when it‘s mature if the wood is well chosen.


5 Months Matured (supplied at 49.7%abv)


As these two were supplied at different strengths I added enough water to try and taste both at the same level.


Nose: The crackers and cheese have faded. More fruity notes, spices and softer florals. Slightly tropical but also a bit flatter than the new make. Pear drops/juice.


With water, more tropical fruit top notes. Wine gums – a bit like a chenin blanc! Prominent grain aromas.


Palate: Still slightly unctuous and with a heavier mouthfeel. Quite spritzy on the tongue. Plenty of grain notes but pepper and other spices too. A touch of wax. Very slight wood tannins.

Some interesting changes over the new make. I‘d like to try this again at a year old from the same cask type to examine further development.

19 Months Matured, 6 months after re-racking to Oloroso Sherry Hogshead

I was sent a sample of the spirit which was racked into a sherry cask a little while back and it‘s adding delightful extra notes to the liquid - dark fruits and treacle plus a bit of spice and some raisin notes alongside the smoke and char on both nose and palate. Very much looking forward to their first release next year.

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