The Isle of Tiree – sometimes known as Tir an Eòrna (Land of Barley) in Gaelic – was once home to ‘no less than fifty distillers’, yet the island’s connection with the Scotch Whisky Industry has long since been lost.

Tiree Whisky Company Ltd was formed by two young locals, Ian Smith & Alain Campbell, to preserve and promote the island’s whisky heritage, with a view to re-establishing the connection the island once had with the Scotch Whisky Industry.

Tyree Gin is the second product released by Tiree Whisky Company Ltd and follows on from the outstanding success of The Cairnsmuir: a limited edition 19-Year-Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, named after an iron-screw steamer that ran aground off Hough on the Isle of Tiree in 1885 while carrying a 100-ton cargo of spirits and beer.

Launched at Tiree Music Festival 2017, Tyree Gin was initially produced by Thames Distillers Ltd in London. Having the gin produced elsewhere but using local ingredients helped fund the renovation of an industrial shed in West Hynish in the southwest of the island and in February 2019,  after a break of 217 years, Tiree was once again home to an operational distillery.

In July 2020, the second gin expression from the Tiree Distillery was released. Hebridean Pink Gin is distilled using seven botanicals including juniper, raspberries and sweet peels. Once distilled, natural raspberry flavouring is added and the result is a contemporary gin with a natural, sweet, fresh flavour and traditional juniper backbone.

Tyree Gin
Independent Bottling for TMF10
Ian Smith
Hebridean Pink Gin