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The Isle of Tiree – sometimes known as Tir an Eòrna (Land of Barley) in Gaelic – was once home to ‘no less than fifty distillers’ yet, unlike other islands, Tiree never re-established a distillery until more recent years.


Tiree Whisky Company Ltd was formed to preserve and promote the island’s whisky heritage, while aiming to revive distilling on the island.

The Isle of Tiree Distillery, the island’s first legal operational distillery since the 1800s, is now home to one of the smallest, most traditional whisky production operations that Scotland has to offer. Each part of the process is precisely handcrafted with a keen eye on the past but an enthusiastic vision of the future.

Alongside Isle of Tiree Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Isle of Tiree Single Grain Scotch Whisky – Rye, Tiree Whisky Company are also the producers of both Tyree Gin and Hebridean Pink Gin.

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