The Isle of Tiree is the farthest West of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. This fertile and remote island, famed for sunshine and stunning scenery, is surrounded by the vast Atlantic Ocean.


Tyree Gin truly reflects the landscape in which it is distilled. Kelp harvested from the icy waters provides sweetness as well as coastal salty flavours and floral, grassy and vanilla notes are achieved using a range of botanicals from the machair ground inland from the shore. 


Combined with juniper, water-mint and angelica, this is a fresh, pure island spirit.


Tyree was a historical form of spelling for the island while the modern spelling of Tiree first appeared on a map produced by John Cowley in 1734 and then again in a map of Scotland by John & Frederic Tallis in 1851.


The last legal distillery in Tiree ceased to operate at the beginning of the nineteenth century and our gin distillery is the first since then.


We hope that this is the beginning of a journey to revive the spirit industry on an island with a rich heritage in the tradition.


Hebridean Pink Gin is our second gin expression and is also distilled and bottled on the Isle of Tiree.

Distilled using seven botanicals including juniper, raspberries and sweet peels. Once distilled, natural raspberry flavouring is added and the result is a contemporary gin with a natural, sweet, fresh flavour and traditional juniper backbone.